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Extra-curricular activities

05:07' PM - Thứ tư, 15/01/2014

Explore and Realize your potential with IBD@NEU

IBD@NEU program is successful in bringing many practical experiences for student via its supported learning activities and extra-curricular activities, in order to help student to develop different skills and get ready to work. IBD students get benefits from an international training environment and are challenged continuously to develop intelligence, skills, and professional working manners – an important package for future career pathway or further study at universities in all over the world.

Orientation Week (OW) is the first activity that students get at IBD@NEU. OW is designed to help students get used to the new learning environment and facilities. The week is filled with a series of interesting activities: NEU Exploration, Logo & Slogan Contest, guess speakers, joining IBD clubs, performances…. Experiencing OW, student will get initial understanding about higher education, and familiar with core value of IBD@NEU including creation, initiation, and co-operation. At IBD@NEU, out-door activity is one part of social learning which helps student in practicing communication skills, survivor skills, and getting discipline in life. There are different out-door activities in IBD, such as: Cool Summer – camping activity enhances survivor skills, Boot Camp – military experiences boosts teamwork and discipline in strict environment, Green Summer – volunteer activities praises responsibility, thoughtful heart, and sharing.

Apart from outdoor activities, proms, parties and performance contests are opportunities for students to express their talent, beauty, and also relax after study. Notable events of a school year are: Safari Masquerade – music and luxury atmosphere, My Smart Choice – joyful and youthful space for newbie, We Are Student – warm farewell party for fourth-year student.

The purpose of extra-curricular is not only for fun but also to facilitate active learning. Students in marketing major develop ability to practice communication skills with customers and to design PR campaign with recruitment activities–. Besides, guess speaker session, field trip, and career orientation week will complete the “life and work” skill set for students.

“Explore and realize your potential” is the aim that IBD endeavour for its student. Students are encouraged to initiate activities that develop their different talents. Various student clubs have been established and run by IBD students, based on their interests, such as IBD Dancing Club (IDC), IBD Sport Club (ISC), IBD Movie club (Movie Worm), IBD Safari Club.

Extra-curricular activities in IBD@NEU are an important educational component which helps student explore themselves, build confidence, develop soft, and step out their “safety zone” in order to explore the big world. Above all, students will develop the right attitude and the trust in their values to learn, live and work in under any circumstances.

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