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Frequently asked questions

05:09' PM - Thứ tư, 15/01/2014

Program and Degree

  1. Is the Bachelor degree of Sunderland and West of England University officially accepted in Vietnam? Is there any difference compares to Bachelor degree completed in UK?

+ The program has been approved by Prime Minister and Ministry of Education and Training. Therefore, the Bachelor degree issued by our program is officially accepted in Vietnamese education system.

+ Our program is international co-operation which achieve bachelor degree from University of Sunderland and University of the West of England. In doing so, the bachelor degree which our student receives is exactly the same as the degree student achieves in England.

2. If joining IBD@NEU program, do students have opportunity to go abroad? If student want to study in a foreign university, what are the requirements students need?

+ IBD@NEU program is international co-operate program so obliviously student can go abroad to study anytime. However, the best time for transferring is at the end of year 3.

+ For Business administration program, BTEC HND degree which student will achieve after year 3 is the very factor student needs to transfer to US, UK, AUS universities… However, students still need to fulfill other requirements from these universities such as financial proving, English certificate.

3. The programs have been delivered in English or Vietnamese? The percentage of foreign lecturers teaches in IBD@NEU program?

+ All the major subjects in BTEC HND program and in 4th year provided by Sunderland are delivered in English; the assignments were feedback in English

+ The rate of foreign lectures teaching in IBD@NEU program is 50% total teaching hours. This rate can be changed in order to help student to achieve best result.

Facility and Learning environment

4. Where student will study in NEU? What is the studying environment in NEU?

+ Student will study in standard classroom with modern supported equipment at NEU main campus. Student can use NEU library with more than 50.000 books in all majors and the online library which was connected to many international libraries in all over the world.

5. Do student in NEU have the same studying environment as foreign university?

+ NEU apply the modern education approaching as Western Universities did in order to create the diversified environment with extra-curricular activities (IBD clubs), thus students can develop organize skills, group work, communication skill…


6. During studying time, do student have chance to achieve scholarship? Can student achieve many kinds of scholarship at the same time?

+ During studying time, student always has opportunity to get the scholarship based on the study result and the participation in extra-curricular activities.

+ In a time, student can receive many kinds of scholarship but the total scholarship cannot exceed tuition fee

There are two kinds of scholarship:

· Recruitment scholarship: Top-recruitment scholarship, Smart choice scholarship

· Studying scholarship: Leadership scholarship, initiative scholarship, and potential scholarship

Application requirement

7. What is the format of English test? Is the English test result calculated into recruitment result? If candidate cannot pass the English test, can they study in IBD@NEU program?

+ English test are the multiple choice format

+ English is conditional requirement so its result will not calculated into recruitment result

+ Candidates are exam based on: (i) Grade Point Average (GPA) in last year of high school; (ii) National Examination or IBD Examination; (iii) The result of interview and essay.

Candidates who can fulfill the recruitment requirement but English test can join the pre-sessional course and the requirement result will be reserved. Therefore, candidates will officially become IBD student when they can pass English requirement (the requirement result will be reserved in one semester).

8. If candidate achieve TOEFL ≥550, what is the recruitment process?

If candidate achieve TOELF TOEFL ≥550 in International examination, they still have to participate in IBD recruitment examination. In case, candidate fulfill the entire requirement so they can be considered to study in second year. However, candidate has to complete supporting subject in first year and pay fee for these modules.

Potential applicant

9. Student in last year of high school (still not graduated from high school) can take part in IBD entire examination or not? If yes, what are the requirements?

+ Yes. They can register to IBD recruitment examination in spring recruitment in February so that they can join the program in autumn that year after graduating high school in June

+ The requirement for these candidates is 6.5 point (GPA of second year in high school)

10. What are the requirements of graduated high-school candidates?

+ GPA of last year in high school is minimum 6.5

+ The result of National Entire Examination in recent

Participate in IBD@NEU

11. Can candidate study in IBD@NEU program when already study in another Vietnamese university?

No. Student will study in curricular time so they cannot participate in two programs at the same time

12. Can student reserve his/her study result?

Yes. In case, student cannot finish the course by personal reason so they can reserve their result in maximum 2 year by submitting postpone request (it will not apply for English course)

13. Can candidate shorten studying process if they have a good English qualification?

Yes. Candidate need to submit IELTS/TOEFL (international exam) to have final decision

14. Are IBD student officially recognized by NEU or not?

Yes. IBD student are officially recognized by NEU, therefore, they can join all the activities of NEU

15. Can IBD student stay in NEU’s accommodation?

Yes. IBD student can apply to stay in accommodation of NEU by submitting application to Dormitory Management Department after approved by ISME. Due to limited room, all students cannot stay in NEU’s dormitory so special student in remote areas will be preference. In fact, all IBD students who apply to stay in NEU’s dormitory are successful but they usually move out after first year.

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