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IBD Clubs

05:08' PM - Thứ tư, 15/01/2014

To date, there are five clubs that run by IBD students.

* IBD Movie Worm (MW): for students with the hobby of designin, taking photograph, movie makin...

* IBD Dancing Club (IDC): Do you think you can dance? If yes, it is fabulous. If not, it is not a big problem because we have two clubs here to turn you into real dancers.

* IBD Volunteer Club (IBDV): With the humanity and the enthusiasm of youth, Volunteer Club has been established by IBD student. You have chance to join us in thousands of volunteer activities. The typical activity is going to help miserable children who are the victims of the dioxin war. Another meaningful activity is going to remote areas to teach English for local children and help suburban suffer their daily life.

* IBD Safari Club: If you are interested in writing for a journal, a newsletter, IBD Safari Club is the very good playground for you to practice and develop writing skills by produce Safari Newspaper for IBD@NEU Program

* IBD Sport Club: Where you can shine with your spirits and talents as player or manager.

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