15/01/2014 05:04:25 PM 

IBD@NEU - International Bachelor Degree at National Economics University

IBD@NEU is the cooperative program between National Economics University, Vietnam, Edexcel International, University of Sunderland, and University of the West of England (UK).

Youth is the most beautiful time in one’s life, when the heart is full with enthusiasm and ambition, a longing for knowledge and a willingness to contribute. Enthusiasm needs to be nurtured, and longing needs to be satisfied. The International Bachelor Degree at National Economics University is designed with that awareness. We desire to provide youth with the opportunity to have a good education deserving of their fresh days of eagerness for discovery, with which they will be able to learn the most and contribute the best to themselves, their families and the society.

IBD@NEU at a glance

* The first international cooperative undergraduate training program at National Economics University.

* Bachelor degree granted by University of Sunderland (for Business Administration) or University of the West of England (for Banking & Finance), or other universities in the UK, US, Australia… (if students are transferred overseas).

* Effective teaching method given by a team of international professors and leading professors from NEU. This teaching exhibits high awareness of practical applications and future professional orientation.

* Quality assured by the partner UK universities and Edexcel International. The University of Sunderland, The University of the West of England, and Edexcel provide program curriculum for each education field and monitor the quality assurance system to assure students golden education opportunities of international norms.

* Reasonable and flexible cost of total approximately 300 million VND for 4 years study in Vietnam.

* Simple transferring process to universities in the UK.

* Dynamic and challenging training environment provides students with. Various study-supporting and extra-curricular activities enhance and cultivate students’ skills and virtues for future careers.

* Attractive scholarship opportunities.